DORDI Company solves the issues and tasks related to the wall finishing using metal and today we have the largest assortment of materials, a set of technologies and knowledge on the territory of Russia and the CIS. Our task is to share this knowledge with our partners and colleagues in order to make work on projects that use metal more simple and understandable.

But we do not dwell exclusively on our experience and we are interested in the opinion and experience of other professionals and companies, so we conduct master classes and events with invited speakers that cover various topics related to design, architecture, engineering and construction.

Also, communication in the circle of like-minded people and specialists of their industry is very important; it always brings new ideas, acquaintances and connections, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate.
Programs of events are formed on topical issues and if you have a desire to share your experience and tell what will be interesting for our audience, we will gladly include your topic in the upcoming event.
We will be glad to receive your offers!