The idea that if a person once bought an expensive quality thing and can use it all their life, unless he/she wants to get rid of it, is unpopular today.

We are sure that in the world there are a sufficient number of people who appreciate the fundamentality and understand that the quality really exists. It is for such people that the DORDI Company works.

Our clients decide when the day for a change of decoration in the house will come, and only because they decided so, and not because our products have become unusable.

It is very easy for us to guarantee the ultra-high life expectancy of our products. we initially work with materials, using which there is no need to worry about the expiration date. That’s why we chose copper, brass, aluminum, steel and bronze as raw materials, from which we produce panels, tiles, decor, furniture facades, kitchen worktops and much more.

We do not strive to work for everyone, but only for those who value a true approach when it comes to quality. Those who become or have already become our customers or partners can confidently count on the highest quality, polite and friendly service and of course the huge assortment.